Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name for your website is vital to it’s success.  Your domain name is the name of your website (example:,,  It’s what you and your site-users will see in the address bar of the web browser.  When choosing your domain name there are many factors that we recommended you give careful consideration to.  Here are our top tips:


1. Keep it simple

You want to make it as easy as possible for your users to find and spell.  Try to avoid using complicated or foreign words which people may misspell or have a hard time remembering.  Keep it grammatically phonetic – meaning avoid using slang or shorthand wording like “u” instead of “you”.


2. Make it Relevant with Keywords

It’s always a good idea if you can give some clue of what your website is about in the domain name.  Example: If you are a sole-trader by the name of John Smyth and you specialize in engineering it would better to choose a domain like as opposed to using just your name.


3. Keep it short

The shorter the better.  It will make your site easier to find, type and recommend by word of mouth.


4. Avoid Numbers and Special Characters

Avoid using numbers and special characters like hyphens or underscores if possible as these can often be left out when repeating your domain name by word of mouth.


5. Choose The Right Domain Extension

.com, .org, .net, .ie, are all domain extensions with different characteristics.  Be sure to research the right domain extension for your website before purchasing it.  Example: Choosing a .ie domain will have higher relevance for people searching from Ireland and give visitors to your site an understanding that your site is Irish based.


6. Choose the Right Domain Provider

There are many online domain and hosting companies.  Not all are what they seem.  Some domain providers will give really cheap prices for the first year but slowly increase them over time to ridiculous amounts.  Be sure to research reviews of domain providers first.  We offer our own domain and hosting packages – for more information send us an email to: or give us a call on: 0857499948


7. Research, Research, Research Your Domain!

Before purchasing your domain research the hell out of it.   First of all make sure it’s available.  Then check if there are any other popular top-level domain extensions with the same domain name as yours already taken.  Next do a Google search of the domain and see how many similar domains appear in Google search.  If the results show a page full of domain names similar to the one you wish to purchase then there is a good chance your site will be mistaken for another (or vice versa) or will be lost in a sea of similar domain names.  This can always be counteracted with strong digital marketing of your website but it will be an uphill battle at best trying to make this happen.  Bottom line: When choosing a domain name do your homework first!


Find if your .ie domain is available here:


Find if your .com (or other top-level) domain is available here: