Reasons to use WordPress | Our re-launch story

Boom! Our new site design is live and now features all the goodies that WordPress provides. Let us share with you our experience and reasons for doing so. Oh and welcome to our first blog!


What is WordPress?

In case you don’t know already WordPress is a free tool that exists as blogging platform and a CMS (Content Management System).  A CMS is just a vague and confusing way of saying: Website Manager Tool.  In WordPress’s case it allows you to choose from thousands of free and premium website themes, create new pages, update site, manage and publish new content as well as add plugins for all sorts of functionality.


Warming to WordPress

So we’ve been working a lot with WordPress lately as more and more of our clients keep asking for a WordPress site. At first we were a little wary of WordPress and thought it was limited from a design and functionality perspective to whatever particular theme you chose to use for your site or blog.  We’ve always thought of WordPress mainly as a blogging platform which it was originally design to be.  But over time it became an extremely powerful CMS tool for websites.


Wild Appeal’s WordPress New Features

As you can see we’ve finally gotten around to integrating WordPress to power the back-end of Wild Appeal. The theme is still based on the original site’s design except now we can make use of WordPress’s CMS (Content Management System) capabilities and it’s wide range of amazing plugins.  We chose to integrate WordPress because updating the site was time consuming and clunky, having to do a lot of unnecessary coding along the way.  WordPress’s modular system and CMS interface makes updating a breeze.  We also wanted to start blogging and there’s no better choice in our opinion than WordPress as a platform for blogging.  After setting up new blog template (or as we call them Articles) it’s then super easy to publish new blogs.


We’ve made a lot of change but the most notable ones are the new Services page and Articles pages.  Our new Services page showcases our new wider range services including SEO, Graphic Design, Illustration, Adwords and WordPress.  Our new Articles page is our in-house blog where we will be talking design, giving Web Development advice for anyone interested in getting a website, advertising new services and deals.


To Use Or Not To Use WordPress?

The more we started to use it the more we saw it’s benefits.  More and more online business are utilizing WordPress even those silly Web Designers that once thought it could be threat to their business (guilty). Businesses will still need web developers to engineer and program their theme even if it’s from a pre-designed theme, they’ll still need to give it a unique look and program the right features.   But as a tool for businesses to manage their website WordPress is a true winner!


What do you think?  Do prefer using another system or CMS ?  If so Why?  Are you interested in getting a WordPress?  Email us or contact us through our social media and let us know.  We will be releasing new blogs regularly about design, web development, news, offers and web advice for businesses,  so check us out at  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Ello.


Reasons to use WordPress | Our re-launch story: Written by Michael McGillivray